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Experts Gather to Share Findings, Brainstorm Approaches, and Spur Further Research on China’s Belt and Road Initiative

March 2020

The Stanford Center at Peking University (SCPKU), the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), and the APARC China Program jointly hosted a workshop on China’s Belt and Road...

Defining success through positive development

September 2010

When Makoto Takeuchi came to the Walter H.

Exit Sri Mulyani: Corruption and reform in Indonesia

May 2010

Don Emmerson: How does a corrupt government stop corruption? What if that government is democratic, and must cultivate the support of political parties that are themselves corrupt?

"The Role of the Private Sector in Health" symposium held in Beijing

July 2009

"The Role of the Private Sector in Health" was the topic of a full day symposium held July 11th at the Beijing International Convention Center.

April 2009 Dispatch - Late Democratizers? Authoritarian Developmentalism and Political Change in Pacific Asia

April 2009

We are pleased to bring you the fourth dispatch of the new year in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches. This month's piece, "Late Democratizers?

December 2008 Dispatch - Democracy and Decentralization in Indonesia: Ten Years after Suharto

December 2008

We are pleased to bring you this month's dispatch in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches.

Global financial reformers must heed Asia's clout

November 2008

Professor Phillip Lipscy discusses the current international financial crisis and provides insight for future reforms.

Stanford undergraduates pose questions for Singapore in Singapore Journal

August 2008

The inaugural (March 2008) issue of PRISM, an undergraduate journal published by the University Scholars Programme (USP) of the National University of Singapore (NUS), carries a dozen essays.

Machiavelli for economic reformers?

August 2008

Shorenstein APARC/Asia Foundation Fellow, Dennis Arroyo completes monograph on economic policy strategems in Asia.

The quiet revolution in the Indian workforce

June 2008

Shorenstein APARC senior research scholar Rafiq Dossani reflects on the revolution in higher education in India, which "has still not been understood, even within India, perhaps because of the...

December 2007 Dispatch - International Organizations and East Asia

January 2008

We are pleased to bring you the third article of the academic year in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches.

Dr. Karen Eggleston to lead Shorenstein APARC's comparative healthcare in East asia program

March 2007

Dr. Karen Eggleston will join the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center as a center fellow on July 1, 2007. Dr. Eggleston will lead the center's program on comparative health care in East Asia.

Donald K. Emmerson: U.S. Focus on Terrorism Ignores Asia's Wider Needs

December 2003

President Bush's week-long swing through six Asian nations is long overdue.

Interview with Rafiq Dossani in Silicon Valley Biz Ink

September 2003

Silicon Valley BizInk spoke to APARC Senior Research Scholar %people1% about his current hot-button work on the offshoring of business practices (BPO) to India.