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Containment of Fukushima Leaks Poses Massive Challenges

September 2013

In an interview with PBS NewsHour on September 3, Kenji Kushida speaks about the Japanese government's latest efforts to contain the leaking of radioactive water from Fukushima and the possible...

Fukushima Reinforces Worst Fears for Japanese Who Are Anti-Nuclear Power

August 2013

How are the Japanese people reacting to the news of the continuing contamination leak and what does it mean for Japan's energy policy?

Protecting nuclear plants from nature's worst

November 2012

As the East Coast cleans up from super-storm Sandy, Phillip Lipscy and Kenji Kushida point to important lessons from Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Katsunori Hirano envisions a sustainable future

January 2012

South of Mount Fuji, along Japan’s central eastern coast, sits Shizuoka Prefecture.

Stanford expert: Asia's year in review

December 2011

The past year unfolded with Japan’s unprecedented triple disaster and closed with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historic trip to Myanmar.

Japanese policymakers struggle over nuclear power question

October 2011

Following March's triple disaster, Japanese policymakers are locked in a debate over nuclear power. Daniel C. Sneider, associate director for research at the Walter H.

Energy efficiency, financial crisis response, and Fukushima

August 2011

Phillip Lipscy, an assistant professor of political science and a center fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute of International Studies, is currently conducting research on energy efficiency and...

Center responds to Japan's recent challenges, reaffirms ties

July 2011

It is too soon to know the full domestic and global impact of the March 11 Great Tohoku Earthquake and its ensuing tsunami and nuclear accident.

Japan situation difficult, but reconstruction on the horizon

April 2011

Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago and the challenging recovery process continue to make news headlines around the world.

Defining success through positive development

September 2010

When Makoto Takeuchi came to the Walter H.

Morada and Jones on 'Hard Choices'

October 2009

Edited by SEAF Director Don Emmerson and co-published in 2008-09 by APARC at Stanford and ISEAS in Singapore, Hard Choices: Security, Democracy, and Regionalism in Southeast Asia continues to...

Obama rejects North Korea's bid to be nuclear power

June 2009

There's little hope anymore for a quick agreement leading North Korea to shelve its nuclear ambitions, according to Daniel Sneider, an expert on Korea at Stanford University.

Summit: right idea at wrong time?

September 2007

The inter-Korean summit planned for early October is the right idea, but it may be taking place at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

"The fruits of the victory fall mostly to the North Koreans," says Shorenstein APARC's Daniel Sneider

March 2007

The six-party agreement reached last week in Beijing to cap North Korea's nuclear program was a triumph for diplomacy.

Re-imagining the U.S.-ROK Alliance

December 2006

The alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States has been facing new pressures in recent months" says Shorenstein APARC's Dan Sneider.

North Korea: 4 Failures, 2 Dangers, 1 Opportunity: Is a united response possible?

October 2006

To read the seismic signal sent from an abandoned coal mine in the mountains of North Korea's coast, you must first recognize that it represents four major failures, two grave dangers, and one big...

U.S.-India pact recognizes reality of nuclear politics

March 2006

The newest member of the nuclear club will also gain a stake in nonproliferation, observes Pantech Fellow and San Jose Mercury News foreign affairs columnist Daniel Sneider.

Bush team must avoid pitfalls in emerging ties with India

March 2006

Pantech Fellow and San Jose Mercury News foreign affairs correspondent Daniel Sneider considers three pitfalls to avoid in Indo-U.S. relations.

Shall we dance? Shorenstein APARC's Rafiq Dossani comments on President Bush's visit to Asia

March 2006

The United States now realizes that India is an important cog in Asia's vast and vital machine.

China Holds the Key to North Korea

December 2003

While demonstrating that the U.S. is willing to accommodate China's needs, the Bush administration must also prove to Beijing that Pyongyang's policies represent an immediate threat.