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Corporate Affiliates alumnus' research in China's energy sector

January 2012

China possesses vast coal reserves, and coal accounts for 70 percent of the country's total energy consumption -- 3 billion tons per year.

Stable peninsula important to China's economy

October 2011

North Korea is launching several joint mining projects with China and Russia, including copper and coal, which will help boost its economy.

Defining success through positive development

September 2010

When Makoto Takeuchi came to the Walter H.

November 2009 Dispatch - Forced Labor Redress in Japan and the United States

November 2009

We are pleased to bring you the second dispatch of the year in our series of Shorenstein APARC Dispatches.

South East Asia: Gearing Up For Economic Integration

May 2007

Shorenstein APARC's Donald Emmerson comments on ASEAN's plans for economic integration.

North Korea: 4 Failures, 2 Dangers, 1 Opportunity: Is a united response possible?

October 2006

To read the seismic signal sent from an abandoned coal mine in the mountains of North Korea's coast, you must first recognize that it represents four major failures, two grave dangers, and one big...

David Kang comments on South Korea's role in a dangerous neighborhood

February 2006

In this Q&A session from the Council on Foreign Relations (reprinted in the New York Times), Shorenstein APARC visiting professor David Kang -- together with other experts on the region --...