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The persistence of entrepreneurship and innovative immigrants

March 2018

Ethnicity and immigration status may play a role in entrepreneurship and innovation, yet the impact of university entrepreneurship education on this relationship is under-explored.

Abenomics and Japan's Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Is the Third Arrow Pointed in the Right Direction for Global Competition in the Digital Era of Silicon Valley?

March 2018

Given that much of the global leadership in value creation over the past couple of decades has been driven by the Silicon Valley model – not only a geographic region but a distinct ecosystem of...

Artificial Intelligence: The Algorithmic Revolution Driving the Next Industrial Transformation

March 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming one of the underlying drivers of the next wave of industrial transformations.

A Brief Overview of the Current Startup Ecosystem in Japan

February 2017

In recent years, "innovation" has become increasingly important for Japan.

A Strategic Overview of the Silicon Valley Ecosystem: Towards Effectively “Harnessing” Silicon Valley

January 2016

This report provides an overview of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Capital Market Regulation in Japan after the Global Financial Crisis

December 2015

This paper is examines the evolution of Japan’s capital markets and the related regulatory reforms after the Global Financial Crisis.

Entrepreneurship in Japan’s ICT Sector: Opportunities and Protection from Japan’s Telecommunications Regulatory Regime Shift

January 2012

Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship played a critical role in transforming Japan’s telecommunications sector.

Diffusing the Cloud: Cloud Computing and Implications for Public Policy

June 2011

Cloud computing is rapidly emerging as the new information technology platform. It is, however, much more than simply a new set of technologies and business models.

Making IT: The Rise of Asia in High Tech

November 2006

In 2003, consumption of IT goods worldwide was $1.5 trillion. Asia represented twenty percent of this total. Even more telling, Asia produced about forty percent of these goods.

Origins and Growth of the Software Industry in India

September 2005

The paper explains the evolution of India's software industry.

Elite Opportunity in Transitional Economies

April 2003

Command economies gave Communist-era elites administrative control and material privilege but severely restricted money income and private wealth.

From Keiretsu to Startups: Japan's Push for High Tech Entrepreneurship

October 2002

How much does it matter that Japan creates relatively few new high technology companies?

Growth of Broadband Internet Connections in South Korea: Contributing Factors, The

September 2002

In recent years,Korea has seen a remarkable diffusion in broadband Internet connections.

Income Determination and Market Opportunity in Rural China, 1978-1996

June 2002

In the second decade of market reform, rural cadre and entrepreneur households enjoy large net income advantages of roughly equal magnitude.

Markets and Income Inequality in Rural China: Political Advantage in an Expanding Economy

April 2002

When market reform generates rapid growth in an agrarian subsistence economy, changes in inequality may be due to economic growth and structural change rather than to the intrinsic features of...

Chinese and Indian Engineers and their Networks in Silicon Valley

March 2002

In recent years, Asian immigrants have played an important role in Silicon Valley's growth, as suppliers of both engineering and entrepreneurial talent.

Venture Capital in India

May 2001

Originally published in the International Journal of Finance, volume 12, number 4, 2000. Reprinted with permission. Prior written permission is required for further use of this material.

Creating an Environment: Developing Venture Capital in India

May 2001

In the last decade, one of the most admired institutions among industrialists and economic policymakers around the world has been the U.S. venture capital industry.

Silicon Valley Edge, The: A Habitat for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

November 2000

The enormous and sustained success of Silicon Valley has excited interest around the globe.

Habitat for Entrepreneurship, The

July 2000

Published as part of the "Silicon Valley Networks" Research Project.

Japanese Entrepreneurship: Can the Silicon Valley Model Be Applied to Japan?

December 1999

Since 1992, the Japanese economy has been utterly stagnant, with signs of weak performance at every turn.

Accessing Venture Capital in India

October 1999

A one-day conference organized by Shorenstein APARC brought together 110 distinguished participants from India, the United States, Israel, Taiwan, Europe, and Latin America.

The Chinese Village, Inc.

December 1988

This volume, composed of nine provocative chapters by prominent Chinese specialists, analyzes Chinese economic change — the break-up of collective farming, the growth of private commerce, and the...


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