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Academic Prize Awarded to Korea Program Deputy Director

March 2019

We are happy to share that FSI’s SK Center Fellow and APARC's Korea Program Deputy Director Yong Suk Lee is the recipient of the 2018 Urban Land Institute United Kingdom Academic Prize for his...

Opinion: Next Korea, Next Generation

January 2019

Researchers in the Korea Program regularly contribute to Korean media on the Korean affairs ranging from education and economics to politics and North Korea nuclear issues.

Break Through: Women in Silicon Valley, Womenomics in Japan Conference Final Report

October 2018

On August 9, 2018 the Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center (APARC) Japan Program hosted a conference, "Break Through: Women in Silicon Valley, Womenomics in Japan." Women thought-leaders and...

Should we enroll kids in coding classes?

August 2018

"I do think that there is a certain digital language that will be beneficial to young people, students, in the very near future," says Yong Suk Lee, deputy director of the Korea Program, in a...

Comparative education specialist named incoming Koret Fellow

September 2016

Rennie J. Moon has been selected as the 2016-17 Koret Fellow in the Korea Program at Stanford’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC).

Japan transforming its innovation culture by changing social norms, Stanford scholar finds

August 2016

Japanese corporations are evolving and adopting a “startup culture” to boost their business creativity and country’s economic prospects, a Stanford expert says.“We can see that over the past 15...

At Stanford, innovation experts cultivate US-Japan ties

February 2015

Innovation is a vital component of economic development, and the United States and Japan provide clear examples of how a knowledge-based economy can lead to sustainable growth.

Cloud computing is Japan’s way out of "Galapagos syndrome"

September 2014

Japan is often cited for failing to capitalize on its innovative technologies and design aesthetics in global markets, but the advent of cloud computing provides new opportunities, says Kenji...

Why small is beautiful in venture capital

August 2012

In a VentureBeat guest post, Rafiq Dossani responds to a Kaufmann Foundation analysis about the risks of large venture capital funds.

Sumitomo's Yasunori Kakemizu discusses his Stanford experience

April 2012

What do running a business and flying an airplane have in common? Corporate Affiliates Visiting Fellow Yasunori Kakemizu shares his perspective, and discusses the past year at Stanford.

Three graduates with FSI ties earn Rhodes, Mitchell scholarships

November 2011

Two Stanford graduates with close ties to FSI’s centers have been named 2012 Rhodes Scholars. A third was selected as a Mitchell Scholar.

Center responds to Japan's recent challenges, reaffirms ties

July 2011

It is too soon to know the full domestic and global impact of the March 11 Great Tohoku Earthquake and its ensuing tsunami and nuclear accident.

University IP management and the weakness of science-based entrepreneurship in Japan

June 2011

Dr. Robert Kneller's recent talk examined how national systems of industry-university cooperation impact innovation by comparing the Japanese system with that of the United States. Dr.

Entrepreneurship and Japan's transformation

June 2011

Over thirty-five scholars from sixteen different universities in the United States, Japan, and Europe gathered in Bechtel Hall for a two-day academic conference entitled, Entrepreneurship and Japan...

Experts gather to define a framework for SMP research

May 2011

Despite the growing adoption of social media platforms as a business tool, this is still a relatively new and under-studied area of technology—even in Silicon Valley where many SMP innovations...

Corporate Affiliates Visiting Fellow Takeshi Kondo reflects on the past year

May 2011

Takeshi Kondo was undergoing training as a new Mitsubishi Electric systems engineer in Kobe, Japan when the massive 7.2-magnitude Great Hanshin earthquake struck in 1995.

North Korea economic officials visit Stanford

April 2011

On Friday, April 1, Stanford University hosted twelve North Korean officials making an unprecedented economic tour of the United States.

Japan situation difficult, but reconstruction on the horizon

April 2011

Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago and the challenging recovery process continue to make news headlines around the world.

SPRIE executive training session offers Chinese enterprise leaders insights into innovation

March 2011

From how failure drives innovation to the role of government in supporting entrepreneurship, two expert professors at Stanford led a training session for executives from Chinese state-owned...

Successful entrepreneurs respond to global trends

March 2011

"Whatever the world looks like now, it will change," said Tim Draper, founder and managing director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, during the keynote session at the March 1 Entrepreneurship in the...

U.S. and Japanese officials confer with SPRIE-STAJE

March 2011

A group of leading American and Japanese venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, academic experts, government officials, and leaders in business and related fields joined the "Promoting Innovation and...

SPRIE's Entrepreneurship Week special event featured Tim Draper

March 2011

As part of Entrepreneurship Week at Stanford University, SPRIE and Alibaba.com hosted "Entrepreneurship in the Global Marketplace," a special seminar featuring noted venture capitalists,...

Rafiq Dossani addresses key South Asia issues

February 2011

While it is known as a leading center for the study of contemporary Northeast Asia, the Walter H.


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