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Tokyo-based foreign correspondent receives Stanford award

March 2015

The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center honored Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Schlesinger with the Shorenstein Journalism Award last Monday.

At Stanford, innovation experts cultivate US-Japan ties

February 2015

Innovation is a vital component of economic development, and the United States and Japan provide clear examples of how a knowledge-based economy can lead to sustainable growth.

"Wall Street Journal" reporter Jacob Schlesinger named 2014 Shorenstein award recipient

January 2015

Tokyo-based reporter Jacob Schlesinger will receive award for his journalistic work and achievements spanning three decadesStanford University’s Walter H.

Cloud computing is Japan’s way out of "Galapagos syndrome"

September 2014

Japan is often cited for failing to capitalize on its innovative technologies and design aesthetics in global markets, but the advent of cloud computing provides new opportunities, says Kenji...

Fad-Loving Japan May Derail a Sony Smartphone

June 2013

In The New York Times, Kenji Kushida discussed Japan's "Galapagos" information technology sector and the unique pace of the Japanese cellphone market.

Why small is beautiful in venture capital

August 2012

In a VentureBeat guest post, Rafiq Dossani responds to a Kaufmann Foundation analysis about the risks of large venture capital funds.

East Asia trilateral FTA has global, even security, implications

June 2012

During the annual China-Japan-Korea summit, held mid-May in Beijing, the three countries announced their intention to begin negotiating a trilateral free trade agreement (FTA).

Asia "pivot" emphasizes security over economy, says Stanford's Emmerson

May 2012

The term "pivot" has fallen out of favor in Washington, but the Obama administration's heightened interest in Asia is real and ongoing, says Donald Emmerson, director of Stanford's Southeast Asia...

An on-the-ground perspective of North Korean society

April 2012

Life in North Korea today is much more vibrant than the stark slopes and muted grey concrete buildings Katharina Zellweger encountered when she began traveling to North Korea in the mid-1990s.

Sumitomo's Yasunori Kakemizu discusses his Stanford experience

April 2012

What do running a business and flying an airplane have in common? Corporate Affiliates Visiting Fellow Yasunori Kakemizu shares his perspective, and discusses the past year at Stanford.

Exploring China's formidable cigarette industry

March 2012

How has the cigarette become so integrated into the fabric of everyday life across the People's Republic of China? To get to the heart of this question, a diverse group of experts met Mar.

Stanford research center opens at Peking University

March 2012

The Stanford Center at Peking University “marks a new era of collaboration between two outstanding universities,” said Gary Locke, the U.S. ambassador to China.

Corporate Affiliates alumnus' research in China's energy sector

January 2012

China possesses vast coal reserves, and coal accounts for 70 percent of the country's total energy consumption -- 3 billion tons per year.

Engineering education, finance, and policy in BRIC countries

December 2011

Between 2008 and 2009, approximately 25 new private engineering colleges opened in India every week -- adding 2500 schools in only two years.

U.S. visit to Myanmar a major step

December 2011

Southeast Asia is home to half a billion people, and the United States has significant political and economic interest in the region. In response to U.S.

Corporate Affiliates Program welcomes 2011-12 fellows to Stanford

October 2011

As the new academic year gets underway, the Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center's Corporate Affiliates Program is excited to welcome its new class of fellows to Stanford University.

East Asia internships for students

October 2011

The Shorenstein Asia Pacific Research Center and the Division of International, Comparative, and Area Studies are excited to offer highly qualified Stanford students an opportunity to extend...

Lipscy discusses global financial concerns

August 2011

Political economist Phillip Lipscy spoke recently with Estrategia, a leading Chilean finance and business publication, about the politics of the financial crisis in the Euro Area, as well as what...

Center responds to Japan's recent challenges, reaffirms ties

July 2011

It is too soon to know the full domestic and global impact of the March 11 Great Tohoku Earthquake and its ensuing tsunami and nuclear accident.

Incoming Pantech Fellow Katharina Zellweger brings a humanitarian perspective on North Korea

June 2011

The Korean Studies Program at Stanford University's Walter H.

The ongoing South China Sea dispute

June 2011

China eyes natural resource deposits in the South China Sea to meet its significant energy needs, creating friction between itself, the countries in the region, and the United States, which could...

Entrepreneurship and Japan's transformation

June 2011

Over thirty-five scholars from sixteen different universities in the United States, Japan, and Europe gathered in Bechtel Hall for a two-day academic conference entitled, Entrepreneurship and Japan...

Experts gather to define a framework for SMP research

May 2011

Despite the growing adoption of social media platforms as a business tool, this is still a relatively new and under-studied area of technology—even in Silicon Valley where many SMP innovations...