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Uneasy Partnerships: China’s Engagement with Japan, the Koreas, and Russia in the Era of Reform

April 2017

Uneasy Partnerships presents the analysis and insights of practitioners and scholars who have shaped and examined China's interactions with key Northeast Asian partners.

Confronting Memories of World War II: European and Asian Legacies

April 2014

The legacy of the Second World War has been, like the war itself, an international phenomenon.

Troubled Transition: North Korea's Politics, Economy and External Relations

December 2013

Kim Jong-il once declared he would transform North Korea into a "great and powerful country" by 2012, apparently believing that nuclear weapons would compel the international community to engage on...

The Election That Could Reorder South Korea’s Politics

September 2012

This year is one of elections and leadership changes throughout the Asia-Pacific region.Earlier in 2012, Taiwan reelected President Ma Ying-jeou to a second term.

Transitions from State Socialism: A Property Rights Perspective

January 2011

Numerous countries have transitioned away from state socialism since the fall of Communism in the Soviet Union and its satellite states two decades ago.

Journal of Korean Studies, volume 13

October 2008

Between 1979 and 1992, the Journal of Korean Studies became a leading academic forum for the publication of innovative in-depth research on Korea.

Strategic Abandonment: Alliance Relations in Northeast Asia in the Post-Iraq Era

February 2008

This chapter is part of a yearly publication that compiles the edited and revised versions of papers presented at the Korea Economic Institute's (KEI) most recent Academic Symposium.

When Dragons and Kangaroos Trade: China's Rapid Economic Growth and Its Implications for China and Australia

February 2007

China's economy has experienced remarkable growth since its economic reform and is expected to maintain high growth in the coming decades.

Why Did the Communist Party Reform in China, But Not in the Soviet Union? The Political Economy of Agricultural Transition

January 2007

The dramatic transition from Communism to market economies across Asia and Europe started in the Chinese countryside in the 1970s.

From Marx and Mao to the Market: The Economics and Politics of Agrarian Transition

March 2006

The emergence of China as a global economic powerhouse, the uncertain path of Russia towards a market economy, and the integration of ten Central and Eastern European countries into the European...

Elite Opportunity in Transitional Economies

April 2003

Command economies gave Communist-era elites administrative control and material privilege but severely restricted money income and private wealth.

Catch Up: Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous

August 1999

Why Poor Countries Are Becoming Richer, Democratic, Increasingly Peaceable, and Sometimes More Dangerous It is easy to be confused about the world’s prospect.

When Realism and Liberalism Coincide: Russian Views of U.S. Alliances in Asia

July 1999

Published as part of the "America's Alliances with Japan and Korea in a Changing Northeast Asia" Research Project.

Origins and Evolution of the Korean-American Alliance: A Korean Perspective, The

July 1998

The Korean-American alliance has kept the peace on the Korean peninsula for forty-five years since its inception in 1953.

Korea: The Achilles' Heel of the U.S.-Japan Alliance

May 1997

This discussion focuses on U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea relations and how the two interact.

East Asian Military Security Dynamics

February 1995

In comparison with the postwar decades from 1945 to 1990, East Asian prospects for peaceful stability and economic growth have never been better.