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Russia and China Team Up on the Indian Ocean

December 2020

Rhe US and its allies may have military dominance in the region, but it’s no guarantee of influence.

What lower US engagement in Northeast Asia could mean

April 2017

Uncertainty about U.S. intentions in Northeast Asia has increased fear that events could spin out of control in the region due to American disengagement.

Abe-Putin summit holds prospect of resolution on island dispute

December 2016

A hot springs summit between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin next week hopes to solve the 70-year-old dispute over an isolated string of islands that Russian...

George W. Bush shares presidential insights with Stanford students

May 2014

In remarks that were often blunt and sometimes funny, George W. Bush spoke with Stanford students about some of the defining moments of his presidency.

Broadening the perspectives of international professionals

April 2013

For more than thirty years, Shorenstein APARC's Corporate Affiliates Visiting Fellows Program has offered a unique opportunity for affiliate organizations to nominate personnel to spend an academic...

Five foreign policy questions for Obama and Romney

October 2012

With the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney set to focus on foreign policy, researchers from the Freeman Spogli Institute ask the questions they want answered and...

An on-the-ground perspective of North Korean society

April 2012

Life in North Korea today is much more vibrant than the stark slopes and muted grey concrete buildings Katharina Zellweger encountered when she began traveling to North Korea in the mid-1990s.

What's next after third North Korea rocket launch?

April 2012

After stirring international media attention and drawing criticism from its neighbors and the United States, North Korea's controversial launch of a rocket under the guise of installing an "Earth...

Looking at higher education in developing economies

April 2012

Engineering education in Brazil, Russia, India, and China -- the "BRIC countries" -- is the subject of a groundbreaking recent study and a forthcoming book co-authored by Rafiq Dossani.

Students learn through assignments based on real global events

March 2012

Stanford students in the winter quarter course U.S.

Understanding the complexities of China's global interactions

February 2012

Since opening its doors to the world in 1978, China has pursued a sometimes erratic but reasonably steady course leading to increasing global economic and political interaction.

Stanford's Shin on Kim Jong Il's death and what's next for North Korea

December 2011

As the world reacts to the death of Kim Jong Il, Stanford’s Gi-Wook Shin talks about the transition of power in North Korea.

Engineering education, finance, and policy in BRIC countries

December 2011

Between 2008 and 2009, approximately 25 new private engineering colleges opened in India every week -- adding 2500 schools in only two years.

Economic, social, and security implications of East Asia's demographic transition

December 2011

Asia's demographic landscape is changing in a big way, presenting policymakers with new challenges and questions.

Stable peninsula important to China's economy

October 2011

North Korea is launching several joint mining projects with China and Russia, including copper and coal, which will help boost its economy.

Conference compares wartime experiences in Asia and Europe

August 2011

While differences exist in the wartime circumstances and reconciliation processes of Europe and Asia, many valuable lessons can be gained through a study of the experiences on both continents.

Andrew Walder discusses China's political "holding strategy"

July 2011

China's Soviet-style political system has not kept pace with the dramatic changes taking place within the country's social and economic systems, suggests Andrew Walder in a recent Boston Review op...

John Everard, Pantech Fellow, to join UN Security Council Panel of Experts

March 2011

John Everard, 2010–2011 Pantech Fellow with the Stanford Korean Studies Program at the Walter H.

Prepare now for possible change in North Korea

March 2011

When major political change in North Korea will occur is difficult to predict, but it is inevitable, suggests David Straub, associate director of the Stanford Korean Studies Program.

Rafiq Dossani addresses key South Asia issues

February 2011

While it is known as a leading center for the study of contemporary Northeast Asia, the Walter H.

Students learn real-world policy skills

February 2011

How do you effectively advise senior-level policymakers when a political crisis emerges? Stanford students taking the course U.S.

Comparative policy responses to demographic change in East Asia

February 2011

East Asia's demographic landscape is rapidly changing and comparative academic research is crucial to help guide well-informed decisions in the many policy areas that are affected, such as security...

Thomas Fingar analyzes China and the global system

January 2011

China occupies a significant place in the world’s U.S.-led economic and political system.

Shorenstein APARC experts take part in "North Korea 2010" forum

October 2010

An international forum on North Korea was held in Palo Alto on October 26, 2010, in an effort to educate the public on reunifying the two Koreas.