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Organization of Disaster Aid Delivery: Spending Your Donations

April 2016

This article examines how different organizational structures in disaster aid delivery affect house aid quality.

Rebranding Islam: Piety, Prosperity, and a Self-Help Guru

November 2015

Kyai Haji Abdullah Gymnastiar, known affectionately by Indonesians as "Aa Gym" (elder brother Gym), rose to fame via nationally televised sermons, best-selling books, and corporate training...

Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Naval Area Medical Research Unit 2

January 2012

Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) pose international security threats because of their potential to inflict harm upon humans, crops, livestock, health infrastructure, and economies.

The Problem and Promise of Focality in World Affairs

August 2011

In this essay, Southeast Asia Forum director Donald K.

Jobs and Kids: Female Employment and Fertility in Rural China

June 2010

Understanding the relationship between female employment and fertility is a vital ingredient for effective population policy.

Asian Regionalism and US Policy: The Case for Creative Adaptation

March 2010

The United States belongs to various organizations and networks that encompass countries on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.  The East Asia Summit (EAS) is not among them.  Should the US try to...

Striking the Right Balance: Economic Concentration and Local Government Performance in Indonesia and the Philippines

December 2009

The relationship between economic concentration and governance remains controversial.

Hard Choices: Security, Democracy, and Regionalism in Southeast Asia

November 2008

Hard Choices offers a most rewarding perspective on how Southeast Asian states straddle the ongoing tensions among three rarely compatible goals—security, democracy, and regionalism.

ASEAN's ''Black Swans''

July 2008

It was meant to be a celebration not a showdown, let alone a showdown that the brutal junta in Burma (Myanmar) would win.

From State to Society? Democracy and Regionalism in Southeast Asia

September 2007

This essay was written in September 2007 in an interstitial if not pivotal moment:  between the 40th birthday of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Bangkok on 8 August, and the...

Garuda and Eagle: Do Birds of A (Democratic) Feather Fly Together?

December 2006

Is the democratization of Indonesia affecting its relations with the US? Yes, but not always in anticipated ways. Indonesia-American relations in Soeharto's time were not always smooth.

Curbing Asian Corruption: An Impossible Dream?

April 2006

The rise of Asia is regarded in most of the world as primarily an economic phenomenon.

One Nation Under God? History, Faith, and Identity in Indonesia

December 2005

This comparative exploration looks at religion and politics in the social dynamics of Southeast Asia's two most populous nations.

What is Indonesia?

October 2005

Indonesia is in the midst of an epic transition as it moves from decades of authoritarian government to a new era of democratic opening, from years of secular government to a time of struggle over...

Security, Community, and Democracy in Southeast Asia: Analyzing ASEAN

August 2005

Is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) a pluralistic security community (PSC)? Does community cause security in Southeast Asia? In a PSC, member states are sovereign.

Indonesia's Approaching Elections: A Year of Voting Dangerously?

January 2004

For this huge, sprawling nation in the throes of an ambiguous democratic transition, 2004 will be a year replete with unprecedented electoral tests.

Region and Recalcitrance: Rethinking Democracy Through Southeast Asia

December 1995

Reprint from The Pacific Review (Vol. 8, No. 2).

Mediterranean Model for Asian Regionalism: Cosmopolitan Cities and Nation-States in Asia, A

May 1995

What can be said about the social and cultural characteristics of the Asian region as a whole?

How Widespread Are Non-Linear Crowding Out Effects? The Response of Private Transfers to Income in Four Developing Countries

January 1900

This paper investigates whether there is a non-linear relationship between income and the private transfers received by households in developing countries.


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