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ASEAN Centrality and the Way Forward: Donald Emmerson on Endgame

April 2021

On the Endgame podcast, Southeast Asia Program Director Donald K. Emmerson discusses the history and politics that have shaped Indonesia in the past and how that context now affects the country'...

Democracy Challenged: Donald Trump, Min Aung Hlaing, and Indonesia

February 2021

Southeast Asia Program Director Donald K. Emmerson compares responses across Southeast Asia to the February coup in Myanmar and reflects on the parallels and differences between the state of...

A New Look at Cinema in Southeast Asia from Former LKC Fellow Gerald Sim

August 2020

Gerald Sim, a former Lee Kong Chian Fellow with the Southeast Asia Program, explores how Southeast Asian identities, histories, and cultures are portrayed in film in a new book, ‘Postcolonial Hangups...

Between Hope and Caution: One American’s View of Indonesia’s Election

April 2019

On April 17, Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country and the third largest democracy after India and America, goes to the polls.

Indonesian Foreign Policy: Between Two Reefs Again?

October 2018

“Now and in years to come, Indonesia will do well to avoid shackling itself to a reactive-passive neutrality between the US and China,” writes Donald K.

New Publication Addresses Challenges ASEAN Faces at 50

January 2018

In October 2017, twenty-two scholars from eight countries attended a workshop titled “ASEAN @ 50, Southeast Asia @ Risk: What should be done?” The workshop was designed to facilitate a frank and...

Two students selected for inaugural internships in Jakarta, Washington, DC

May 2017

The U.S.-Asia Security Initiative at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center has selected two Stanford students for its inaugural summer internships in partnership with The Asia Foundation and...

Ideas for ASEAN going forward

April 2017

The Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a coalition of 10 Southeast Asian countries formed to promote regional development and security, will mark its 50th anniversary this year.

Australian envoy to the US discusses trade and pattern of populism

December 2016

Australian Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey delivered remarks at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center (APARC) on Monday.

President Obama's final Asia tour marks record of engagement in Southeast Asia

September 2016

Donald Emmerson joined KQED’s radioshow “Forum” to discuss U.S.

Next steps in Indonesia-US relations

December 2015

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo was recently in Washington, D.C., for his first-ever presidential visit to the United States.

Indonesia must embrace its 'middle power' status, Emmerson says

July 2015

Stanford scholar Donald Emmerson urged Indonesia to realize its role as a rising "middle power" at a conference in Jakarta on June 13, 2015.

Economists suggest how to better allocate donations for disaster relief

May 2015

As people around the world look to support earthquake relief efforts in Nepal, scholars from Stanford and the London School of Economics and Political Science offer new research that can help...

Indonesia’s presidential election: What’s at stake?

July 2014

Donald Emmerson, director of the Southeast Asia Forum at Shorenstein APARC, answers a few questions about Indonesia’s tight-raced presidential election, which has still yet to declare an official...

Shorenstein APARC fosters dialogue on Muslim experience in Asia through new book

June 2014

Rafiq Dossani, a former senior research scholar at Shorenstein APARC, examines the paradox of Muslim minority decline in Asia within a new book, "Modes of Engagement: Muslim Minorities in Asia." He...

Indonesia’s cash transfer programs are valuable, Stanford health fellow finds

June 2014

Nearly forty-four percent of Indonesia’s population is living on less than $2 a day, making it near impossible for some to seek proper health treatment.

Stanford scholars publish wide array of literature on contemporary Asia

May 2014

FSI's Shorenstein APARC faculty and scholars have published a variety of publications in early 2014, covering topics from the Japanese fiscal condition to disability policy in North Korea.

Faculty Spotlight: Donald K. Emmerson

March 2014

Donald K. Emmerson reflects on his 15 years at Stanford and speaks about his life and career beyond academia, highlighting his initial draw to Southeast Asia and penchant for the Socratic discourse.

Career diplomat reflects, emphasizes complexity of statecraft

February 2014

Stephen Bosworth, a visiting lecturer at FSI in residence at Shorenstein APARC, discusses his career in the U.S.

Final Kyoto-Trans Asian Dialogue examines Asia’s digital media revolution

February 2014

The fifth and final Stanford Kyoto Trans-Asian Dialogue report considers opportunities and challenges posed by digital media across Asia and the United States including its potential as a catalyst...

Film screening & discussion: Academy Award nominee "The Act of Killing"

January 2014

An event sponsored by Stanford Global Studies, Stanford Program on Human Rights, and the vice provost of undergraduate education on Monday, Feb. 24.

Aung Zaw named 2013 Shorenstein Journalism Award recipient

January 2014

Shorenstein APARC is pleased to announce Aung Zaw as the 2013 recipient of the Shorenstein Journalism Award.


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