Scholarly Publications

Will China Take over World Manufacturing?

November 2002

(Excerpt) China is becoming the workplace of the world, so we are increasingly told.

When Will the Chinese People Be Free?

July 2007

Little more than a decade ago, Rowen's answer to the question posed by this essay's title was the year 2015.


China Holds the Key to North Korea

December 2003

While demonstrating that the U.S. is willing to accommodate China's needs, the Bush administration must also prove to Beijing that Pyongyang's policies represent an immediate threat.

Sino-Japanese tensions obscure growing cooperation

February 2004

Michael H. Armacost observes that economic and political ties are now displacing a deep-seated and longstanding rivalry between China and Japan.

America's savings shortfall is hurting its workers, McKinnon asserts in op-ed

October 2004

Are federal fiscal deficits accelerating deindustrialisation in the United States? APARC's Ronald McKinnon considers the problem.


Six Plus Two: Geopolitics, Natural Resources and the Future of Afghanistan

November 1, 2001

The terrorist attacks on September 11 threw Afghanistan back into the international spotlight.

Blood, Sweat, (Oil), and Tears: Corporate Responsibility, Human Rights, and Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific Region

November 15, 2004

Bennett Freeman is a managing director in the Washington, DC office of Burson-Marsteller, where he leads the firm's Global Corporate Responsibility practice advising multinational corporations on...

The Aceh Peace Process: An Insider's View

February 13, 2006

On 26 December 2004, an earthquake and tsunami struck Aceh in the Indonesian archipelago, killing an estimated 130,000 people.