Scholarly Publications

To the Brink of Peace: New Challenges in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Integration

December 2001

Relations between North and South Korea have been one of the most important and vexing topics in Asia for over fifty years.

Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Urban Dynamics in Chengdu, 1975-2002

October 2003

Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, has undergone rapid transformation during China's post-reform period between 1978 and 2003.

Power Sector Reforms in India: Issues Relating to Agriculture

March 2004

Excerpt: Q (T L Sankar): Why do utilities charge different rates to different consumers?

Other Publications

Korean Food, Korean Identity: The Impact of Globalization on Korean Agriculture

December 2005

One of the few ways to get a taste of North Korea, short of leaping through numerous hoops to get a visa to visit the country, is to eat cold noodles (naengmyen).

Smallholders and High Value Commodities in China

October 2006

In this report, we seek to meet the specific objectives of the first phase of China's study.

Rural Development in China: New Challenges in a New Landscape

July 2003

The most important policy measures are those that improve the quality of rural Chinas human and physical resources and infrastructure that will provide the skills and abilities to rural residents...


At the Eye of the Storm - Mourning and Hope

March 2005

Tsunami could give Aceh, Indonesia's war-torn province, the opportunity it needs, according to APARC's Donald K. Emmerson.

South East Asia: Gearing Up For Economic Integration

May 2007

Shorenstein APARC's Donald Emmerson comments on ASEAN's plans for economic integration.

Climate change and China's agricultural sector

August 2010

A new issue brief by Scott Rozelle and fellow researchers Jinxia Wang and Jikun Huang concludes that climate change will have a significant effect on China's crop yields and impact its economy,...


New Challenges in Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation and Integration

October 9, 2000

In view of the recent summit between two Korean leaders, Shorenstein APARC believes that the prospect for inter-Korean economic cooperation has improved a great deal.

Hong Kong: Its Contribution to "One Country"

July 30, 2001

Ms. Christine Loh is a former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, and the Founder of Civic Exchange, a non-governmental organization.


Enhancing South Korea's Security: The U.S. Alliance and Beyond

March 2009

Two decades ago, South Korea appeared on the path to greatly increased security. The Cold War was ending, fundamentally improving South Korea’s regional security environment.