Scholarly Publications

America's Role in Asia in 2004: An Overview

December 2004

The dramatic reassessment of U.S.

Will China Take over World Manufacturing?

November 2002

(Excerpt) China is becoming the workplace of the world, so we are increasingly told.

Nuke Negotiations with North Korea: Half Full or Half Empty?

November 2008

Somewhere on the long list of problems that President Barack Obama will inherit next January will be the ongoing negotiations to roll back North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

Other Publications

Addressing the North Korea Nuclear Challenge

April 2003

North Korea's renewed bid for nuclear weapons poses an urgent, serious foreign policy challenge to the United States.


Donald Emmerson comments on the 9th ASEAN summit in Bali

September 2003

APARC Professor %people1% was interviewed about the 9th ASEAN summit in Bali.


The Future of Asian-European Relations: A New Dynamic, or Business as Usual?

March 30, 2000

While Asia and Europe's bilateral links with the United States are deep, ties between Europe and Asia need to be strengthened.

Looking for Truth in the Midst of Crisis: The Cost of the Past in Indonesia

February 26, 2001

Separatism and terrorism, demonstrations and scandals, elite conflict and economic malaise ...

Is Southeast Asia the Next Front in the War on Terror?

October 19, 2001

Press reports of rising anti-Americanism and Muslim militance in several Southeast Asian countries have fueled speculation that the United States may be planning to intervene against terrorist...


Enhancing South Korea's Security: The U.S. Alliance and Beyond

March 2009

Two decades ago, South Korea appeared on the path to greatly increased security. The Cold War was ending, fundamentally improving South Korea’s regional security environment.