Scholarly Publications

Old Problems for New Leaders: Institutional Disjunctions in Rural China

April 2004

These essays reveal how China's Communist Party selected a new generation of leaders in late 2002 to maintain the position of a regional and world power.

What is Indonesia?

October 2005

Indonesia is in the midst of an epic transition as it moves from decades of authoritarian government to a new era of democratic opening, from years of secular government to a time of struggle over...

Curbing Asian Corruption: An Impossible Dream?

April 2006

The rise of Asia is regarded in most of the world as primarily an economic phenomenon.


Donald K. Emmerson discusses democracy and liberty

November 2003

APARC Professor %people1%, together with IIS Director %people2% and Hoover Institution Fellow %people3% (both of CDDRL), discussed "Democracy vs.

Radical vs. moderate Islam -- in Indonesia, a war rages

December 2003

Indonesia needs to build a modern society.

It's Not Enough for Democracy to Succeed

December 2003

Elections will be coming to Indonesia in a few weeks, greeted with anxiety by some and as a part of a necessary transition by others.


Report from Indonesia - Megawati's Challenges: The Road Ahead

December 14, 2001

Four months into Megawati Sukarnoputri's presidency, many of the same ills continue to plague Indonesia Ð economic and legal reforms are at a standstill, corruption is rampant and Indonesia's 220...

The New Face of Corruption: Populism and the Political Economy of Thailand

February 4, 2003

Elections in Thailand in January 2001 yielded a remarkable near-majority for the Thai Rak Thai ("Thai Love Thai") Party of computer and telecommunications billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra, who became...

Update on Indonesia -- Reform and Stability: Can They Co-Exist?

May 2, 2003

5:30 pm registration 6:00 pm program followed by reception Public Policy Institute of California 500 Washington Street, Founders' Room, 5th Floor, San Francisco $12 Members of the Asia Society $15...