Scholarly Publications

Renegotiating the World Order: Institutional Change in International Relations

June 2017

Rising powers often seek to reshape the world order, triggering confrontations with those who seek to defend the status quo.

Re-imagining the U.S.-ROK Alliance

December 2006

In this paper presented at the first Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum, Daniel C.

Relating the U.S.-Korea and U.S.-Japan Alliances to Emerging Asia Pacific Multilateral Processes: An ASEAN Perspective

March 2000

American military power underpinned the security structure of the Asia Pacific region during the Cold War. Post-Cold War, its role is still vital to peace and stability in the region.


Shorenstein APARC participates in the first Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum held in Seoul

January 2007

The first Korea - West Coast Strategic Forum, held in Seoul on December 11-12, 2006, convened policymakers, scholars and regional experts to discuss the North Korean nuclear issue, the state of the...

Re-imagining the U.S.-ROK Alliance

December 2006

The alliance between the Republic of Korea and the United States has been facing new pressures in recent months" says Shorenstein APARC's Dan Sneider.

The U.S.-Korea Tie: Myth and Reality

September 2006

Shorenstein APARC's Daniel Sneider takes the occasion of South Korean President Roh's visit to the United States to remind policy makers in both Washington and Seoul that they should keep in mind...


The Chinese Naval Role in the Pacific and the American Response

May 30, 2012

***PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE*** Maritime issues are increasingly at the heart of security issues between the United States and China.