Scholarly Publications

Prospects for Peace in South Asia

March 2005

Prospects for Peace in South Asia, the inaugural title in a new series of "Studies of the Asia-Pacific Research Center" published by Stanford University Press, addresses the largely hostile, often...

One Nation Under God? History, Faith, and Identity in Indonesia

December 2005

This comparative exploration looks at religion and politics in the social dynamics of Southeast Asia's two most populous nations.

What is Indonesia?

October 2005

Indonesia is in the midst of an epic transition as it moves from decades of authoritarian government to a new era of democratic opening, from years of secular government to a time of struggle over...


Radical vs. moderate Islam -- in Indonesia, a war rages

December 2003

Indonesia needs to build a modern society.

U.S. not worried about radical Islam's pull on votes

April 2004

Concerns in Washington that more radical Islamic parties might make big gains in Indonesia's parliamentary elections on Monday have largely dissipated. APARC's Donald K. Emmerson weighs in.

Old Events

Islam in Asia after September 11 -- A Panel Discussion

November 7, 2001

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11th, and the subsequent response by the United States, millions of Muslims across Asia face a new political landscape and changes to...

Kuala Lumpur is not Kabul: Militants and Tolerance in the Asian Core of the Muslim World

November 12, 2001

Physically aligned as they are toward Mecca, the daily prayers and lifetime pilgrimages of Muslims around the world--hundreds of millions of spokes of religious practice--surround and sustain the...

Beyond bin Laden: Islam in Asia since September 11

November 15, 2001

While Islam is commonly portrayed as a Middle Eastern religion, the majority of the world's Muslims reside in Asia.


15th Annual Shorenstein Journalism Award Keynote Speech by Ian Johnson: Religion After Mao

May 2017

Video and transcript from "15th Annual Shorenstein Journalism Award Keynote Speech by Ian Johnson: Religion after Mao" on May 1, 2017, with keynote speaker and Shorenstein Journalism Award winner Ian Johnson.Following a century of violent anti...