Food Security

Scholarly Publications

What Will Make Chinese Agriculture More Productive?

April 2000

The international community has long recognized China's effort to produce enough food to feed its growing population.

Cultivated Land Conversion and Potential Agricultural Productivity in China

July 2005

In China there is a growing debate on the role of cultivated land conversion on food security.

Irrigation Water Pricing Policy in China

February 2007

As water becomes scarcer in northern China, designing policies that can induce water users to save water has become one of the most important tasks facing China's leader.

Other Publications

Impacts of Agricultural Trade and Related Reforms on Domestic Food Security in China

July 2003

In this report, we will attempt to answer the following three main questions: What economicand trade policy reforms have been introduced?

Climate Change and China's Agricultural Sector: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation

May 2010

Although China and the United States are the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China’s emissions on a per capita basis are significantly lower than those of the U.S.: in 2005, per capita...

Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis

November 2012

SummaryClimate change can reasonably be expected to increase the frequency and intensity of a variety of potentially disruptive environmental events-slowly at first, but then more quickly.


Indonesian economist named Shorenstein APARC/Asia Foundation Visiting Fellow for 2009-2010

August 2008

Sudarno Sumarto has been selected to become the second Shorenstein APARC/Asia Foundation Visiting Fellow. He will be in residence at Stanford during the 2009-2010 academic year.

Five foreign policy questions for Obama and Romney

October 2012

With the third and final debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney set to focus on foreign policy, researchers from the Freeman Spogli Institute ask the questions they want answered and...

Old Events

Food Security in North Korea: Designing Realistic Possibilities

April 21, 2005

Agricultural production in North Korea collapsed between 1990 and 1996, leaving the country dependent on massive international food assistance.

Trade on Human Terms: Transforming Trade for Human Development in Asia and the Pacific

October 20, 2006

Against the backdrop of export-led growth of some economies -- most notably China and India -- human development issues in Asia tend to be overlooked.