Core Faculty and Researchers

Donald K. Emmerson

Portrait of Donald K Emmerson

Senior Fellow Emeritus

Takeo Hoshi

Portrait of Takeo Hoshi

Senior Fellow
Professor by courtesy, Finance

Yong Suk Lee

Portrait of Yong Suk Lee

Center Fellow

Phillip Lipscy

Portrait of Phillip Lipscy

Center Fellow
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Jean C. Oi

Portrait of Jean Oi

Senior Fellow
Professor, Political Science

Scott Rozelle

Senior Fellow
Helen F. Farnsworth Endowed Professorship

Andrew G. Walder

Portrait of Prof. Andrew Walder

Senior Fellow
Professor, Sociology

Xueguang Zhou

Senior Fellow
Professor, Sociology


Yumi Moon

Associate Professor, History

Dafna Zur

Assistant Professor, East Asian Languages and Cultures