Scholarly Publications

North Korea and Contending South Korean Identities: Analysis of the South Korean Media; Policy Implications for the United States

December 2009

After North Korea’s nuclear test on 9 October 2006, the fate of South Korea’s engagement policy with North Korea seemed to hang in the balance.


What's next after third North Korea rocket launch?

April 2012

After stirring international media attention and drawing criticism from its neighbors and the United States, North Korea's controversial launch of a rocket under the guise of installing an "Earth...

Shorenstein APARC scholars discuss President Obama's November 2010 Asia visit

October 2010

President Barack Obama has demonstrated significant and genuine interest in Asia and in developing trans-Pacific ties.

Kim Jong-un will be like his father: ambitious, aggressive and ruthless

October 2010

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his youngest son and presumed successor, Kim Jong-un, jointly attended military maneuvers on an unspecified date.


The ABCD Framework of K-Strategy: The Secret to Korea's Success

May 7, 2014

Economists and business scholars have long tried to construct theoretical models that can explain economic growth and development in emerging economies, but Western models have not always been...

Socialist Living in North Korea, 1953–65

April 22, 2014

In the immediate postwar period, when very real limits on the power of the party-state remained and the population was still recovering from the dislocations of the war, the socialist promise of...

South Korea and the Global Economy in Transition

March 18, 2010

In only two generations, South Korea has transformed from an economic "basket case" into one of the world’s leading economies and trading states.