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Japan Program Courses

This is a lecture course on Japan taught by the Japan Program faculty:

Japan & The World: Innovation, Economic Growth, Globalization, and International Security Challenges (EASTASN 153, 253/Econ 120/Polisci 115E)

The course introduces students to the economy, politics, and international relations of contemporary Japan.  The course puts a particular emphasis on several emerging issues in Japan including innovation and economic dynamism, Japan's contributions to international peace and cooperation, and Japan's response to international economic and geopolitical challenges.  The course will invite several guest instructors, each of whom is an expert on at least one of the issues that Japan faces today, to give lectures in addition to the main instructors.  The guest lecturers will also be available outside of the classroom for further discussion during their stays at Stanford.

Instructors: Takeo Hoshi, Phillip Lipscy, Yu Jin Woo

Course Schedule: Monday, Wednesday 1:30pm - 2:50pm

Location: East Asian Library, room 224


Please refer to the Stanford Bulletin for up-to-date course and registration information.

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