Katsunori Hirano envisions a sustainable future

January 2012

South of Mount Fuji, along Japan’s central eastern coast, sits Shizuoka Prefecture.

Corporate Affiliates Visiting Fellow Takeshi Kondo reflects on the past year

May 2011

Takeshi Kondo was undergoing training as a new Mitsubishi Electric systems engineer in Kobe, Japan when the massive 7.2-magnitude Great Hanshin earthquake struck in 1995.

Embrace this opportunity, says Daisuke Maeda, 2008-2009 Corporate Affiliates alumnus

October 2010

Daisuke Maeda, 2008-2009 Corporate Affiliates fellow, embraced the opportunity of being at Stanford University in order to actively engage with students, scholars, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs....

Old Events

Research Presentations (1 of 5) - Hanai, Nakagawa, Suzuki and Wang

May 15, 2013

** We are currently experiencing some problems with our online RSVP system.  If you have any difficulty registering for this event, please send an email directly to the organizer, Denise Masumoto,...

Research Presentations (2 of 3) - Fukai, Hirano, Kamimai and Miyashita

May 17, 2012

In this session of the Shorenstein APARC Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows Research Presentations, the following will be presented:   Kazuma Fukai, "Current Situation of Shale Gas Revolution and...