FSI scholars produce research aimed at creating a safer world and examing the consequences of security policies on institutions and society. They look at longstanding issues including nuclear nonproliferation and the conflicts between countries like North and South Korea. But their research also examines new and emerging areas that transcend traditional borders – the drug war in Mexico and expanding terrorism networks. FSI researchers look at the changing methods of warfare with a focus on biosecurity and nuclear risk. They tackle cybersecurity with an eye toward privacy concerns and explore the implications of new actors like hackers.

Along with the changing face of conflict, terrorism and crime, FSI researchers study food security. They tackle the global problems of hunger, poverty and environmental degradation by generating knowledge and policy-relevant solutions. 

Scholarly Publications

Bound by a Hidden Agenda: The Birth and Consequences of the Bank of Japan's Quantitative Monetary Easing

July 2007

For the past five years, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) has employed an unconventional monetary easing policy, called quantitative monetary easing.


Corporate Affiliates Program welcomes 2015-16 fellows

September 2015

As the new academic year gets underway, the Walter H.

Defining success through positive development

September 2010

When Makoto Takeuchi came to the Walter H.

March 2010 Dispatch - The Politics of Pornography: Islamic Governance in Democratic Indonesia

March 2010

Despite the recent Islamic revival that has dramatically increased public expressions of piety, Islamic political parties have failed to gain any significant electoral traction in Indonesia.

Old Events

Research Presentations (session 4 of 5) - Nakaya, Zhang and Zhang

March 30, 2017

The format of this presentation is each of the three speakers will have approximately 15 minutes to present their research.  This will be followed by a short period of 5-10 minutes for any...

Research Presentations (session 1 of 5) - Aikawa, Sakamaki and Shivani

April 6, 2016

In this session of the Corporate Affiliates Research Presentations, the following will be presented:Yuta Aikawa, Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry, Japan, "A Study About a Government Policy...

Research Presentation - Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows

November 19, 2013

Il Rae Cho, "Preparing Financially for Aging and Retirement" Recently, many issues related to aging have become more serious in both economic and social aspects all over the world.