Research Presentations - Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows

Philippines Conference Room

Young Muk Jeon, "The Financial Crisis and Life Insurance Companies"

The global financial market clearly rebounded from the shock of the 2008 financial crisis.  However, recently the market volatility has grown due to oil price hikes, the European debt crisis and the anemic U.S. economic growth rate.  A series of financial institutions filed bankruptcies or were sold during the crisis.  However, life insurance companies fared relatively well in terms of financial difficulty.  In his research, Jeon explores the impact of the financial crisis on the life insurance industry and looks at what are the main reasons for the resilience of the life insurance sector.  Furthermore, Jeon presents what kind of strategic actions are needed for life insurers to weather the current turbulent climate.


Jong Jin Lee, "Corporate Communications:  Changing with the Media Environment"

Recent changes have occurred in the modes of communication prevalent in South Korea, a rapidly advancing society where newer varieties of interactive media have significantly displaced traditional print and broadcast media among the youngest and most well-educated segments of the population.  These changes have also had a profound impact on the quality of corporate communications to the public.  In his presentation, Lee will address both the advent of the “netizen” and the hotter media environment for today’s companies in South Korea.  Most critically, he will also discuss the evolution of corporate public relations responses to public perceptions and media depictions of crises, illustrating his narrative with striking examples from his own company’s history.