Research Presentation - Corporate Affiliate Visiting Fellows

Philippines Conference Room

Il Rae Cho"Preparing Financially for Aging and Retirement"

Recently, many issues related to aging have become more serious in both economic and social aspects all over the world.  Aging is something that nobody can avoid or neglect. However, most people tend to consider the issue of aging and retirement less serious than needed in real situations.  The lack of preparation for retirement may cause an economic turmoil to an individual's retirement life and national finance for social security.  In this presentation, Cho will show the current situations about aging and retirement and will offer practical solutions.


Yong Je Kim, "Next Generation Multimedia - What Will That Be?

Can you imagine the future TV and mobile phone?  What will they look like?

Only a few years ago, the main feature of a mobile phone was to make simple voice calls.  Today, we can do so much more - watch drama shows, sports and movies; take pictures and send them anywhere; and stay up-to-date checking the news and stock information of all countries in real time.  Through social media, we can share our opinion with many people regardless of location.  We can purchase goods or buy tickets for a concert simply using our mobile phones - without needing actual money or credit cards.  At the same time, TVs are getting smarter - providing useful functions like online shopping, remote video calls and watching movies without going to the movie theater. 

There are many technologies to enable these improvements, but the key technology is multimedia.  In this presentation, Kim will introduce some noticeable multimedia components and their progress, including examples of possible future TV and mobile phones.