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International Relations

International Relations

FSI researchers strive to understand how countries relate to one another, and what policies are needed to achieve global stability and prosperity. International relations experts focus on the challenging U.S.-Russian relationship, the alliance between the U.S. and Japan and the limitations of America’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan.

Foreign aid is also examined by scholars trying to understand whether money earmarked for health improvements reaches those who need it most. And FSI’s Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center has published on the need for strong South Korean leadership in dealing with its northern neighbor.

FSI researchers also look at the citizens who drive international relations, studying the effects of migration and how borders shape people’s lives. Meanwhile FSI students are very much involved in this area, working with the United Nations in Ethiopia to rethink refugee communities.

Trade is also a key component of international relations, with FSI approaching the topic from a slew of angles and states. The economy of trade is rife for study, with an APARC event on the implications of more open trade policies in Japan, and FSI researchers making sense of who would benefit from a free trade zone between the European Union and the United States.

Recent Multimedia

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Chinese Influence: Real or Perceived?

February 2019

Panel Debates Report Alleging Covert and Corrupting Chinese Influence in U.S.

15th Annual Shorenstein Journalism Award Keynote Speech by Ian Johnson: Religion After Mao

May 2017

Video and transcript from "15th Annual Shorenstein Journalism Award Keynote Speech by Ian Johnson: Religion after Mao" on May 1, 2017, with keynote speaker and Shorenstein Journalism Award winner Ian Johnson.Following a century of violent anti...

China Program 10th Anniversary Conference: "China's Possible Futures"

May 2017

The China Program celebrated its 10th Anniversary from May 11-12, 2017, with a conference titled “China’s Possible Futures.” China’s growth and transformation over the past four decades have brought forth a wide array of new questions concerning...

The South China Sea: What is to be Done?

April 2017

Audio and transcript from the Shorenstein APARC China Program seminar, "The South China Sea: What is to be Done?", on March 8, 2017, with Donald K.

China's Involvement in Central Asia: Economic and Geopolitical Implications

March 2017

China in Central Asia: Economic and Strategic ImplicationsChina is now Central Asia’s largest trading partner, having surpassed Russia’s trading volume in 2010.

China in South Asia's New Strategic Quadrangle

February 2017

“More than a China Story”: China, South Asia and Broader Asian ConnectivityEvan Feigenbaum, Vice Chairman of the Paulson Institute, spoke about the changing security and economic landscape across Asia – a region that is becoming increasingly...

The Logic of China's Global Policymaking

January 2017

Is there a grand strategy behind Beijing’s foreign policymaking?

In Beijing, experts examine China's rise and the changing global order

June 2016

Stanford and Peking University jointly hosted a forum titled “A Changing Global and Political Order: Perspectives from China-United States Cooperation” on June 6-7 in Beijing.

The End of an Era: Can the Consensus on Constructive Engagement with China be Sustained? Should it?

June 2016

Video and transcript from the Oksenberg Lecture on June 1, "The End of an Era: Can the Consensus on Constructive Engagement with China be Sustained?

At Stanford, Fu Ying discusses prospect of building US-China consensus

May 2016

 Geostrategic rivalry and economic interdependence coexist in uneasy balance between the United States and China.

The United Nations at 70: A Conversation with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

June 2015

Video from the event "The United Nations at 70: A Conversation with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon" moderated by Ambassador Kathleen Stephens. The event was co-sponsored by the Walter H.

Shorenstein APARC alumni convene in Beijing

November 2014

More than fifty former visiting fellows and scholars, and friends of the Walter H.


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