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Scholarly Publications

Greater China's Quest for Innovation

November 2008

Will China come to dominate global high-tech innovation?In the future, perhaps. Today, however, Greater China—Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong—is focused on the quest for innovation.

Water price policy analysis in China: an experimental approach

January 2007

Water scarcity is one of the key problems that affect northern China, an area that covers 40 percent of the nation's cultivated area and houses almost half of the population.

Other Publications

Climate Change and China's Agricultural Sector: Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation

May 2010

Although China and the United States are the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China’s emissions on a per capita basis are significantly lower than those of the U.S.: in 2005, per capita...


China Goes Global - The Partial Power

April 5, 2013

WE ARE AT FULL CAPACITY - PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY FOR A SEAT In China Goes Global, eminent China scholar David Shambaugh delivers the book many have been waiting for—a sweeping account of China's...

The Rule of Mandates: How China Governs Over Law and Democracy

March 15, 2013

In this talk, Mayling Birney presents evidence that China uses a distinctive form of governing, what she calls a “rule of mandates” in contrast to a rule of law.

Mere Straws in the Wind or Genuine Change? Society, Culture and Public Opinion under China's New Leadership

March 14, 2013

Early returns suggest that it may not be business as usual in state-society relations, with the Party-state being compelled to respond to an increasingly discontented and vocal society, and that a...


Economics and Political Decision-Making in China's Villages

Based on fieldwork and surveys carried out in China's villages, Professor Jean Oi has been examining the effect of different levels and types of economic development on the distribution of power...


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