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Principal-Agent Problems in Health Care: Evidence from Prescribing Patterns of Private Providers in Vietnam

December 2009

The principal-agent problem in health care asserts that providers, being imperfect agents for patients, will act to maximize their profits at the expense of the patients’ interests.

Inpatient treatment of diabetic patients in Asia: evidence from India, China, Thailand and Malaysia

October 2009

Aims The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) has grown rapidly, but little is known about the drivers of inpatient spending in low- and middle-income countries.

Developing Commercial Health Insurance in China

December 2008

In late 2006, the Chinese government appointed a high-level inter-ministerial commission—composed of fourteen government agencies, co-chaired by the National Development and Reform Commission and...

Welfare, Choice and Solidarity in Transition: Reforming the Health Sector in Eastern Europe

December 2000

Reform of the welfare sector is an important yet difficult challenge for countries in transition from socialist central planning to market-oriented democracies.

Zhuangui Zhong De Fuli, Xuanze He Yizhixing (Welfare, Choice and Solidarity in Transition -- Chinese edition)

December 2003

This book is the Chinese translation of the authors' 2001 book on health sector reform in ten countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Health Service Delivery in China: A Literature Review

December 2007

We report the results of a review of the Chinese- and English-language literatures on service delivery in China, asking how well China's health-care providers perform and what determines their...

Healthcare Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe: Overview and Possible Implications for China

December 2007

This article focuses on the healthcare system reforms in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) over the past decade.

Healthcare Payment Incentives: A Comparative Analysis of Reforms in Taiwan, South Korea and China

December 2004

Payment incentives have significant consequences for the equity and efficiency of a health care system, and have recently come to the fore in health policy reforms.

Multitasking and Mixed Systems for Provider Payment

December 2005

Ownership and performance of health service organizations: Evidence from hospitals

December 2006

Soft Budget Constraints and the Property Rights Theory of Ownership

March 2008

Modeling the government make-or-buy decision, Hart and colleagues [Hart, O., Shleifer, S.

Emerging Health Economics and Outcomes Research in the Asia-Pacific Region

December 2008

This issue of Value in Health presents selected articles from the ISPOR Second Asia Pacific Conference held in Shanghai, March 2006.

Pharmaceutical Policy in China

July 2008

Contradictory goals plague China’s pharmaceutical policy. The government wants to develop the domestic pharmaceutical industry and has used drug pricing to cross-subsidize public hospitals.

The Effect of Informal Caregiving on Labor Market Outcomes in South Korea

December 2008

Embedded in traditional culture perpetuating family-centered elderly care, informal care is still viewed as a family or moral issue rather than a social and policy issue in South Korea.

Incentives in China's Healthcare Delivery System

October 2008

The economic approach of comparative and historical institutional analysis (Aoki 2001, Greif 2006) has virtually never been used in theoretical studies of healthcare incentives.

From Plan to Market in the Health Sector? China's Experience

December 2008

Countries worldwide confront the challenge of defining and achieving appropriate roles for government and market forces in the health sector.

Hospital Ownership and Quality of Care: What Explains the Different Results?

December 2008

This systematic review examines what factors explain the diversity of findings regarding hospital ownership and quality.

Has the Use of Physician Gatekeepers Declined among HMOs? Evidence from the United States

December 2008

Since the mid-1980s, health maintenance organizations (HMOs) have grown rapidly in the United States.  Despite initial successes in constraining health care costs, HMOs have come under increasing...

Allocation of Control Rights and Cooperation Efficiency in Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry

March 2009

This article uses incomplete contract theory to study the allocation of control rights in public-private partnerships (PPPs) between pharmaceutical enterprises and nonprofit organizations; it also...

Aging Risk and Health Care Cost in Korea

February 2009

To analyze the impact of population aging on medical costs in South Korea, the authors use several approaches.

Does Your Health Care Depend on How Your Insurer Pays Providers? Variation in Utilization and Outcomes in Thailand

March 2009

Hospitals in Thailand operate in a multiple insurance payment environment.


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