Former Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon speaking to an audience at an APARC-hosted event.

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Shorenstein APARC is a gathering place for leaders from academia, business, government, and the social sector, as well as for community members to examine together timely, policy-relevant topics that shape contemporary Asia and are of mutual importance to the United States and Asian nations. The numerous events that the Center and our programs regularly host each year—including seminars, colloquia, conferences, and workshops—support our research and outreach goals.

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Amb. James Moriarty

Amb. James Moriarty

"The United States and Taiwan: An Enduring Partnership"

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    APARC Events Series: Overview
  • APARC Events Series: Overview
  • Shorenstein Journalism Award
  • Oksenberg Lecture
  • Contemporary Asia Seminar
  • Koret Workshop
  • Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum
  • South Asia Colloquia
  • Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum
  • Additional Events and Series by APARC’s Programs

APARC Events Series: Overview

Every year, the Center and its research programs organize event series that examine particular themes and topics from multiple angles. Some of our event series are annual, others are held regularly throughout the academic year. Browse the dropdown menu to learn more.

Shorenstein Journalism Award

The annual Shorenstein Journalism Award was established in 2002 by Shorenstein APARC in partnership with the Shorenstein Press and Politics Center at Harvard. It is named after the Center benefactor, Mr. Walter H. Shorenstein, who was dedicated to promoting excellence in journalism and deeper understanding of Asia.
During its first years, the award honored outstanding US-based journalists who spent their careers helping Americans understand Asia. In 2010, Walter Shorenstein passed away and Shorenstein APARC at Stanford became the sole sponsor of the award, broadening its scope to include Asian journalists and organizations who, in addition to their professional excellence and contribution to knowledge of Asia, have helped defend and build a free media in Asia.

Oksenberg Lecture

The annual Oksenberg Lecture honors the legacy of Professor Michel Oksenberg (1938–2001), a senior fellow at Shorenstein APARC and the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies. A China expert who served as a key member of the National Security Council when the United States normalized relations with China, Oksenberg was a passionate advocate for engaging Asia in a more considered manner. In tribute, the Oksenberg Lecture recognizes distinguished individuals who have helped advance understanding between the United States and the nations of the Asia-Pacific, with a focus on China.

Contemporary Asia Seminar

The Contemporary Asia Seminar series hosts professionals in the fields of public and foreign policy, journalism, and academia who share their perspectives on pressing issues facing Asia today.

Koret Workshop

The Koret Workshop, organized by APARC’s Korea Program, brings together an international panel of experts in Korean affairs.

Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum

The Korea-U.S. West Coast Strategic Forum, organized by APARC’s Korea Program, convenes policymakers, scholars, and regional experts to discuss the North Korean nuclear issue, the state of the U.S.-ROK alliance, and notions of a formalized mechanism for security cooperation in Northeast Asia.

South Asia Colloquia

Launched in 2016, this series of public lectures features diplomatic, academic, and business experts who explore issues focused on contemporary India—its enormous domestic potential and problems, its place in the region and in the global arena, and the ambitious agenda of the Modi administration. Lecture topics include India’s innovation economy, India-China relations, India’s pivotal role in global health, and U.S.-India relations.

Asia-Pacific Leaders Forum

This forum regularly convenes senior leaders in policy, business, and social sectors from across the Asia-Pacific region to exchange ideas on current political, economic, and social dynamics in the region.

Additional Events and Series by APARC’s Programs

Every year, APARC’s research programs organize and host numerous seminars, conferences, and colloquia with distinguished guest speakers who share leading-edge research and insights into key questions and pressing problems relevant to their areas. These forums serve as platforms for the Stanford community and for members of the public to deepen their understanding of and engage with the countries and international affairs of the Asia-Pacific region.


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