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Visiting Scholars Program

Because of its multidisciplinary approach to the study of Asia, distinguished faculty, and location in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Korea Program attracts scholars from all over the world. The Center appoints these individuals as visiting scholars and engages them to participate in specific projects and/or to contribute to the Center's long-term research interests. Scholars are expected to provide their own means of support.

How to Apply

Candidates interested in becoming visiting scholars at Shorenstein APARC must first submit the following documents in English:

  • A formal letter of request containing a detailed proposal of the work they wish to carry out at the Center and the duration of the planned stay. Candidates should also state their means of funding.
  • A formal and complete academic cv, including a list of publications.

These documents will be reviewed and approved by Shorenstein APARC's faculty committee. This body will also decide the specific terms on which the candidate may affiliate with the Center. Thereafter, the candidate will receive a formal offer letter stating those terms. Pending the individual's acceptance, further arrangements will be made concerning duration of stay, allocation of office space, visas, and other issues.

The maximum duration of an appointment is one year. Reappointment requests must follow the same procedure stated above. A fee is charged for visiting scholars from non-academia.


In principle, applications for visiting scholar status will be considered twice during each academic year. The regular deadline for receiving the documents is March 1 for Fall quarter admission, and, in exceptional cases, September 1 for Winter quarter admission. Please email the application materials to Korea Program Manager.

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