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Research Presentations (session 3 of 5) - Onishi, Muthukrishnan and Saito



Kanjiro Onishi, Ministry of Finance, Japan
Muthukrishnan Anantharamakrishnan, Reliance Life Sciences
Yohei Saito, Future Architect, Inc.

Date and Time

May 15, 2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM



RSVP required by 5PM May 10.


Philippines Conference Room
Encina Hall, 3rd Floor
616 Serra Street, Stanford, CA 94305

The format of this presentation is each of the three speakers will have approximately 15 minutes to present their research.  This will be followed by a short period of 5-10 minutes for any questions or comments from the audience.


In this session of the Corporate Affiliates Research Presentations, the following will be presented:

Kanjiro Onishi, Ministry of Finance, Japan, "Challenges on Policy Finance in a Developing Country and Effective Technical Assistance: Case Study of Myanmar"

Myanmar has enjoyed a steady economic growth since the government implemented the economic reforms and opened its market up to the international communities. Many domestic and international companies consider that there are huge business opportunities in this frontier market. On the other hand, there are also various business risks. Onishi joined the team of Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance Japan, and the team has provided the technical assistance on effective credit analysis for Myanma Economic Bank (MEB). The project contributes to improve the financial sector and it will reduce some business risks that the companies inevitably face. In his research, he analyzes the results of the questionnaire surveys conducted with the project-participants and evaluates how effectively the project has enhanced the knowledge and expertise on credit analysis among MEB bankers.


A. Muthukrishnan, Reliance Life Sciences,"New Age Marketing in Healthcare"

The healthcare industry is in the midst of a massive shift.  Pharmaceutical companies are running hard to keep pace with changes brought about by digital technology.  Mobile communications, the cloud, advanced analytics, and the Internet of Things are among the innovations that are starting to transform the healthcare industry in ways already seen in the media, retail and banking industries.  Pharmaceutical executives are well aware of the disruptive potential and are experimenting with a wide range of digital initiatives.  However, many are finding it hard to determine what initiatives to scale up and how, as they are still unclear what digital success will look like five years from now.  Pharmaceutical companies can play a central role in the digital revolution of healthcare, but capturing this opportunity requires identifying the right initiatives.  In his research, Muthukrishnan is trying to find out where digital technology will drive the most value in the pharmaceutical industry to build a strategy for digital success.


Yohei Saito, Future Architect, "Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence"

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has rapidly evolved.  Deep Learning, based on neural networks, has created great results in the fields of speech recognition, image recognition, and natural language processing, and some experimental results show performance equal to or superior to human ability.  Additionally, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology makes it possible to gather and analyze data in real time. Harnessing these types of technology effectively optimizes and maximizes business productivity.

In his research, Saito devised methodology and implementation guidelines for utilizing these state-of-the-art technologies in the business field.  These methodology and guidelines will help Japanese companies to transform their business more productively and competitively.