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China Program Courses


Teaching plays a central role in Shorenstein APARC's mission to increase the study of contemporary Asia among the rising generations of students. China Program faculty and distinguished fellows teach both undergraduate and graduate courses at Stanford University. These courses are offered through a variety of departments and schools across the University, including economics, political science, sociology, international relations, urban planning, education and business.


Current courses will be listed shortly. Past courses are listed below with the corresponding instructor(s) and course number(s). Some courses listed below have syllabi attached that provide further description. Please refer to the Stanford Bulletin for up-to-date course and registration information.


U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia (IPS 244), Thomas Fingar, Michael H. Armacost, Daniel C. Sneider, David Straub


Health and Healthcare Systems in East Asia (EASTASN 117/217), Karen Eggleston


China Under Mao (117A/217A), Andrew Walder


China and the World (IPS 246), Thomas Fingar


Chinese Organizations and Management in a Comparative Perspective (SOC 216), Xueguang Zhou


Political Economy of Reform in China (POLISCI 443S), Jean C. Oi


Contemporary Issues in U.S. Relations with Northeast Asia (IPS 281), Michael  H. Armacost


Workshop on Politics and Social Change (SOC 368), Andrew G. Walder


Political Sociology (SOC 310), Andrew G. Walder


Macroeconomics of Economic Development with Special Reference to East Asia (ECON 216), Lawrence J. Lau


Development Economics and Growth: Macroeconomics (ECON 216), Lawrence J. Lau


Money and Finance in Economic Development (ECON 217), Ronald I. McKinnon


Stanford Sophomore College Seminar: Democracy and Markets – What Do Elections Mean in China’s Villages? (Sophomore College), Jean C. Oi


The Rise of Industrial Asia (POLISCI 125/225), Daniel I. Okimoto, Jean C. Oi


Graduate Seminar: Approaches to Chinese Politics (POLISCI 215D), Jean C. Oi


Seminar: Managing the Urban Environment in Asia (Program on Urban Studies 184), Douglas Webster


Development Economics, with Special Reference to East Asia (ECON 121), Lawrence J. Lau


International Financial Markets and Monetary Institutions (ECON 169/269), Ronald I. McKinnon


The Macroeconomics of Economic Development (ECON 216), Lawrence J. Lau


Graduate Seminar: Political Economy of Reform in China (POLICSCI 215E), Jean C. Oi 

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